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Applications of Nanoparticle Modified Screen-Printed Electrodes in Environmental Science

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Methods Collections
Applications of Nanoparticle Modified Screen-Printed Electrodes in Environmental Science

Guest Editors
Dr. Julio Bastos-Arrieta

University of Barcelona, Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry

Dr. Julio Bastos-Arrieta graduated in Chemistry (University of Costa Rica, 2008) and held a Master’s degree in…

Karina Torres-Rivero

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-Barcelona Tech (UPC), Department of Chemical Engineering

Karina Torres-Rivero is a researcher at the Resource Recovery and Environmental Management (R2EM) investigation group in…

Collection Overview

Screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) for electrochemical analysis represent an excellent alternative to classical analytical methods such as ICP-MS or LC-MS due to their portability, sensitivity, selectivity, and lower costs. Additionally, SPEs can be functionalized using nanomaterials to enhance the electrochemical response of the electrode towards diverse analytes. Designing functionalization procedures is crucial to enhancing SPEs' analytical response as their applications are significantly expanded. To boost the electrochemical properties of SPEs, nanoparticles (NPs) of different types have been employed. Depending on the size of NPs, they have unique and diverse optical, mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties, conferring to the modified SPEs an increased electrode surface area, increased mass-transport rate, and faster electron transfer. In this collection, we intend to create standard protocols for SPEs customization and further determination of analytes using electrochemical techniques such as differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry. This will offer an excellent opportunity to develop new electroanalytical methods to study and analyze environmental samples, simplifying the experimental workflow by having ready-to-use electrodes that offer sensitivity at very low detection and quantification limits.

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