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JoVE is a resource that's unlike any other resource that we have here in the library. I would recommend it to other librarians, especially those who are working with medical students or any kind of researchers that really could take advantage of the unique visual platform. Donna Gibson
Director of Library ServicesMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

It is an innovative journal in the sense that it couples the video piece that provides even more information on how a given method is accomplished, and that supplements the written piece. Those two combined set the reader up for success when they're trying to replicate a given method or protocol. W. Matthew Leevy
Director of Biological ImagingUniversity of Notre Dame

I use JoVE videos in the lab and in teaching at least once or twice a semester, so it's a useful tool for training new students on techniques. Dr. Delphine Dean,
Associate Professor of BioengineeringClemson University


Saved my lab $40,000 a year

Visualizing the experimental techniques greatly decreases the time it takes to perform a new technique with high efficacy. By using JoVE I was able to improve dissection techniques, saving the lab time and money. I was also able to learn new techniques that saved the lab from having to hire new personnel to collect the samples (this would have been a ~$40,000 salaried position).

Dr. Mary Wallingford
Senior Fellow University of Washington

Increase the efficiency of research and education

JoVE is a very unique and useful resource for researchers, graduate students, postdocs and undergraduates in science. This novel visualization approach will improve reproducibility of experimental studies, and increase the efficiency of research and education in the biological sciences.

Dr. John Cooke
Professor of Medicine and Associate Director Stanford Cardiovascular Institute, Stanford University

Prepares students for a career in science

To be able to see what actual scientists are discovering and doing is really powerful for our students in realizing not only what they want to do in their own careers but also prepare them to be college and career ready.

Ann Schmidt
Library Media Specialist Conrad Weiser High School

JoVE saves time for busy clinicians

Busy clinicians don’t have time to read lengthy text material. Video makes our research more accessible for clinical researchers and people that are making decisions about treating patients.

Catherine Lang
Professor and Associate Director of Movement Science Program Washington University School of Medicine

Understand techniques outside of one's area of specialization

I love JoVE videos. They help interdisciplinary researchers like me to understand specificities of research techniques which are outside one’s comfort zone or area of specialization.

Megan Leftwich
Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering George Washington University

Advanced our research six months with a single video

By watching a technique on a JoVE video, we realized that we could potentially do the technique, which was critical for advancing our research. We previously had no clear idea about how it was done and thought we would have to wait for bringing an expert to our institution from Europe to teach us. By watching the video, we were able to familiarize ourselves with the method and find an appropriate collaborator at Stanford who could help us with the method. By showing him the JoVE video, he realized that he would be able to carry it out. We are now successfully doing the procedure quite routinely. This has advanced our research by at least six months. I used our preliminary results in a recent grant application, which may lead to significant funding for the research next year. Thank you, JoVE!

Dr. Michele Calos
Professor Department of Genetics, Stanford University

[JoVE's] portfolio is very comprehensive, easily accessible and provides many useful theory components.

“[JoVE's] portfolio is very comprehensive, easily accessible and provides many useful theory components. During the lockdown, I also discovered JoVE as an invaluable support for practical courses. Students felt engaged in the course because JoVE videos provided a realistic view of a practical work even online.”

Sabrina Marozin
Senior ScientistUniversity of Salzburg

JoVE videos are a great solution for engaging students to the learning process

“I'm very excited with the integration process and the results of using JoVE videos to prepare students for the lab session. JoVE videos are a great solution for engaging students to the learning process, helping them to better understand the theoretical key concepts”

Hila Failayev
Research Scientist and Lab ManagerTel Aviv University

Increased success rate from 40% to 90%

Initially it took multiple tries for students to learn catheter implantation , whereas now when we teach this technique with the JoVE video we have a success rate between 90 to 100 percent.

Dr. Carrie Northcott
Assistant Professor Department of Pharmacy and Toxicology, Michigan State Univeristy

Easy to set up, made my scientists happy

As a librarian, I found setting up the access to JOVE incredibly easy. The site is easy to use, works with all three browsers that we use across the charity, and allows us to seamlessly list JOVE with all our other journals. The support and information about the journal, along with promotional material, helped get the word out to our scientists. Not only are they happy to use it, but we’ve also been approached by colleagues in the field, wanting to know how they can subscribe to it – not wanting their users to miss out ! My favourite thing is that JOVE is indexed on PubMed so that my users can do one search and get JOVE results coming up in their list, rather than having to search the journal’s website.

Ann Brew
Library & Information Services Manager Cancer Research UK

Shift focus from "how the technology works" to "what you can do with it"

JoVE was the best way for us to introduce a completely new concept in biological methodology in a way that speaks louder than words. Since we published our method in JoVE, we have been able to shift our focus of explaining to our users "how the technology works" to more significant and exciting discussions of "what you can do with it".

Dr. Carolyn Gray
Application ScientistFluxion Biosciences

JoVE resonates with undergraduate students

While teaching advanced undergraduate students, I have found several JoVE videos beneficial to show different developmental psychology protocols. Often reading a method from a traditional journal does not resonate with undergraduates. It’s nice to have this visual walk-through of what the researchers mean when they say, "Here’s what we did next".

Elizabeth Davis
Assistant Professor, Dept. of PsychologyUniversity of California, Riverside

"This is amazing!"

You can't figure out how to do this stuff just from reading the literature, you have to have somebody show you ... this is amazing!

Dr. Rich Condit
Professor of Genetics and MicrobiologyUniversity of Florida

Shift focus from "how the technology works" to "what you can do with it"

“What's remarkable about JoVE as a product is that students can look at a process, examine it step-wise and repeat, and actually be able to look at somebody conducting very expensive, very specific types of laboratory work without actually having to be in [the same lab].”

Mitchell C. Brown
Research LibrarianUniversity of California, Irvine

We use Moodle as our teaching platform form so i embed JOVE videos there

“I have used JOVE videos in my online teaching and I have found them very useful and helpful. I found the practical experiments in particular great as they incorporate the theory and technical bits together to introduce the concept to the student in simple yet informative way. We use Moodle as our teaching platform form so i embed JOVE videos there. I also used the quiz option on your website and was happy with that.”

Aref Zayed
Assistant ProfessorJordan University of Science and Technology

The videos were a motivational tool for learning

“The use of JoVE videos was above and beyond successful in Organic Chemistry labs...They helped to prepare the students to work independently in the lab and understand the theoretical concepts. The videos were a motivational tool for learning and helped to increase the students’ engagement in the learning process.”

Dr. Iris Weitz
Department of Biotechnology EngineeringORT Braude College of Engineering

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