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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a video produced by JoVE and a video produced by author?

What are my responsibilities as an author if JoVE will be creating the video? What’s involved in the process of a video produced by JoVE?

How long does it take for an article to be published?

Does JoVE have any open access video articles to preview?

How do I find my JoVE username and password?

What’s the difference between “standard” and “open” access in JoVE?

How do I give reprints?

How do I comply with the NIH Public Access Policy?

What is JoVE Journal’s Impact Factor?

How do I cite JoVE articles?

How can I use my JoVE publication?

What is JoVE’s preprint policy?

Does JoVE offer fee waivers?

How do I submit a manuscript to JoVE?

My submission disappeared before I could build the PDF and submit. What happened?

I have attached all of my files, and clicked ‘Next’ until I arrived at a screen covered in red text. What happened?

My Table of Materials/Equipment submission item was split into separate pages in the generated PDF, what happened?

I tried attaching and uploading a file, but I was told my file is too large, what do I do?

Does JoVE have a style guide?

What is the script? How is it different from my initial submission?

Much of our experiment takes place under the microscope. How is this filmed?

How long will the filming take?

My protocol takes more than one day to complete. Do we need multiple days of filming?

Much of what I’d like to demonstrate occurs on the computer. Should we just film the computer screen?

My protocol requires multiple filming locations as one of the needed instruments is off-site. Can JoVE film in two different sites?

When will I get to see the final product? When will my video be published in JoVE?

How much does it cost to publish with JoVE?

What is JoVE’s policy regarding anonymity?

What is JoVE’s policy regarding conflicts of interest?

Why are parts of the protocol highlighted in yellow?

Where is the video? I thought I would be reviewing it?

This manuscript protocol lacks novelty; it has been published before and/or is a well-known method to most people in the respective field. Should I reject it under JoVE standards for publication?

I have more questions, how do I get more peer review help?

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