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Publishing with JoVE is simple. You submit your manuscript. If accepted by editorial and peer review, your article will be published. JoVE will then film a video of your technique if you are located within our Videographer Network. We have videographers located across 5 continents. If you're outside our videographer network, you can produce and submit your own video. Any questions? Contact us here.


Manuscript Preparation and Review

  • Write your manuscript using this template. Submit it here.
  • All submitted manuscripts undergo editorial review to verify compliance with JoVE's guidelines.
  • After passing editorial review, your manuscript will be peer-reviewed by experts in relevant fields of research. You will revise your manuscript based on peer review and editorial review comments.
  • Your manuscript will be considered in-press once it successfully passes the review process. On average, this process takes about 2 months after submission.


Filming & Video Production

After your manuscript is accepted, JoVE starts the video production process. If your institution is within our videographer network, your video is eligible to be a JoVE Produced Video. However, even if you are located outside of our network, JoVE offers two additional production models that you can choose from to create your video.


Publication and Indexing

  • After your approval, your article and video will be published on the JoVE website. Your article abstract will appear in PubMed approximately two weeks after publication. JoVE is indexed in MEDLINE/PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus, SciFinder, and other scientific indexing services.


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