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Rehabilitation technology in the real-life setting

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Rehabilitation technology in the real-life setting

Guest Editors
James Patton

University of Illinois and The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Dr. James L. Patton is Senior Research Scientist at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab (formerly RIC), Chicago and Professor in...

Angelo Basteris

Mærsk McKinney Møller Instituttet - Syddansk Universitet

Angelo Basteris is an Assistant Professor with the Health Informatics and Technology Center at Mærsk McKinney...

Collection Overview

Population aging and the global burden of new patients create demand for effective rehabilitation, and technology is one clearly promising approach. It is now common to find clinical robots in rehabilitation settings. The goal of this collection is to showcase how technology now improves rehabilitation in everyday clinical situations. We encourage contributions about applications in healthcare of technologies such as robots, wearable devices, movement sensors, smartphones, and virtual reality. We invite you to show how such systems have been adopted by healthcare in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and patients’ homes to improve rehabilitation. By encouraging a variety of topics, we aim at highlighting the connection between developers and users, hoping to expand the field. Such an overview is past due and amenable to video publishing. We believe this will useful for the novice learning the basics of the field and the experts who seek a summary of the state of the art.