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Behavioral paradigms for disentangling perceptual decisions related network activity in animal models  

Collection Overview

Capturing large scale neuronal activity permits the functional analysis of inter and intra-areal neuronal networks in relation to perceptual decision-making under multi-faceted behaviors. From a technological perspective, recording the function of such large-scale neuronal activity has become permissible by using both electrophysiological recordings with neuropixel or multichannel silicon probes and imaging of genetically encoded calcium or voltage related activity under both head-fixed and freely moving behavioral paradigms. Such paradigms include multi alternative forced choice or Go/noGo tasks, where subjects are required to engage with the task in order to attain a reward. 

Employing such paradigms enables precise control over stimulus statistics and reward contingencies, thus permitting extrinsic manipulations that drive and modulate intrinsic representations of perceptually driven decisions. Studying widescale neuronal function in correlation with various goal-oriented behaviors will permit to disentangle how network activity is shaped between various brain regions and within those regions how local activity is modulated in order to drive and support perceptual decisions. 

However, as recording techniques improve and permit capturing widescale neuronal activity so do behavioral paradigms diversify and become more complex. This collection aims at presenting the variety of behavioral paradigms and experimental techniques accompanied to them, that are used in disentangling brain-wide perceptual decision-making components.


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