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Methods Collections

Cardio-oncology assessment methods

Collection Overview

Cancer survivors remain distinctly at risk for cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular toxicity induced by cancer treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy has been strongly suggested to increase cardiovascular diseases in cancer survivors. While attempts have been made to measure cardiovascular toxicity in clinical oncology settings, the most ideal measure to diagnose cardiovascular toxicity is still understudied. Clinical or subclinical measures of cardiovascular function during and/or after cancer treatment may include ejection fraction, endothelial function, arterial stiffness, atherosclerosis, cardiopulmonary exercise testing and cardiac magnetic resonance.

This collection will focus on currently available methods which may precisely assess cardiovascular toxicity induced by cancer treatment. The goal of this collection is to demonstrate the standardized protocols for cardiovascular function before, during and/or after cancer treatment. This collection will provide a platform for the multiple approaches currently utilized in clinical setting and will establish a uniform procedure for the methodologies.


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