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Skull base surgery - One of the most demanding disciplines in neurosurgery

Collection Overview

Performing brain surgery is a very demanding task for every neurosurgeon. In this discipline skull base surgery could be considered as the most difficult surgery to perform. Due to the geographical proximity of many vital structures of the brain in a very small space, skull base surgery can be very challenging for each neurosurgeon and is often perilous for the patient. Therefore the selection of the right approach for the various pathologies in this region of the brain is extremely important, in order to avoid as much damage as possible to these vital structures.     

Currently, different approaches to the skull base have been proposed by the neurosurgeons worldwide. The type and the location of the pathology determines the exact approach to the skull base surgery. Approaches differ from surgeon to surgeon and country to country, as well. We aim to describe the different approaches for various pathologies like tumours and vascular pathologies to this critical region of the brain. In the process, we will gain further insight as to why a certain technique was chosen instead of an alternative.


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