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Esther Zorio

Affiliation: Unit of Inherited cardiomyopathies, Sudden Death and Disease Mechanisms Health Research Institute La Fe

Ph.D. in Medicine and Surgery (2008, University of Valencia, Spain) and is currently a cardiologist in the Cardiology Service of La Fe Hospital (Valencia, Spain) where she coordinates the Service of Family cardiomyopathies and Sudden Death. Simultaneously, she coordinates the research Unit of Inherited cardiomyopathies, Sudden Death and Disease Mechanisms at the Health Research Institute La Fe (La Fe Hospital, Valencia, Spain).

She began her training as a researcher with a post-residency research contract at Hospital La Fe and a Miguel Servet position. With it, she launched the first multidisciplinary unit in Spain, which prospectively combines the experience of forensic experts, cardiologists, pediatricians and researchers to improve the attendance, teaching and research of family cardiopathies. Different national and international competitive projects have consolidated the different lines of research in this field, also supported in the supervision of Master Thesis and in one Doctoral Thesis. She is a reviewer of 3 international journals and maintains multiple international research alliances in the field of family cardiopathies.


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