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Affiliation: Netherlands Cancer Institute

Dr. Anastassis Perrakis is a Group Leader in Structural Biology in the Division of Biochemistry at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Professor of “Macromolecular Structures” in Utrecht University.  His team has a strong background in developing computational and laboratory methods for macromolecular X-ray crystallography, allowing to determine macromolecular structures efficiently and accurately. His biological research on protein structure-function relationships, focuses on two themes: deciphering the signalling axis established by the autotaxin (ATX) extracellular phospholipase that produced the signalling lipid LPA which has numerous physiological roles and therapeutic applications; and analysing the biochemical basis of dynamic microtubule interactions and modifications in regulating mitotic progression and other cellular functions. For this research, his group is using biochemical and biophysical approaches, including various X-ray methods, cryo-EM, NMR and other spectroscopic approaches. In parallel he is an investigator in the Oncode Institute aiming to understand cancer for translating research into practice, and in particular utilise fragment based lead discovery approaches for the development of new drug leads. Finally, he is the coordinator of the iNEXT-Discovery Horizon2020 project to enable access to structural biology research infrastructures for all European researchers, and especially to non-experts in structural biology.

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