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Giulia Corradetti

Affiliation: Doheny Eye Institute, UCLA – Retina Department

Giulia Corradetti, MD, is a Clinical and Research Fellow at Doheny Eye Institute, affiliated UCLA in Los Angeles, CA. Attended her residency in ophthalmology at Research Institute San Raffaele in Milan.  Completed one year clinical and research fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus at the Wright Foundation (2016) and one-year fellowship in Medical Retina and Retinal Imaging at Eye Stein Institute – UCLA (2018). 

Her main area of research is Medical Retina and Retinal Imaging. Her goal is to achieve a better knowledge of retinal disorders, to define new treatments and contribute to the development of retinal imaging. Involved in several research projects at Doheny Eye Institute and Eye Stein Institute mainly based on Retinal Disorders, Retinal Imaging and Artificial Intelligence. 

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