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Interview: Glycolipid Antigen Presentation by CD1d and the Therapeutic Potential of NKT cell Activation

Article DOI: 10.3791/635-v 18:08 min December 31st, 2007
December 31st, 2007



Natural Killer T cells (NKT) are critical determinants of the immune response to cancer, regulation of autioimmunity, clearance of infection, and the development of artheriosclerotic plaques. In this interview, Mitch Kronenberg discusses his laboratory's efforts to understand the mechanism through which NKT cells are activated by glycolipid antigens.


Glycolipid Antigen Presentation CD1d NKT Cell Activation Immune Response Cancer Therapy Autoimmune Disease Regulation Infectious Agent Clearance Artheriosclerotic Plaques Glycolipid-reactive T Cells CD1d Tetramer Technology Therapeutic Agents Clinical Trials Immunology Field
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