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This collection covers core bioengineering concepts, which include production of biomaterials, histotypic and whole organ tissue cultures, bioprocessing techniques, and the complex system-level fields of bioMEMs and biosensing.

Electrical Engineering

This collection starts with an electrical safety video that introduces the best practices for commonly used equipment in an electrical laboratory. Subsequent videos introduce elements such as inductors, transformers, convertors, rectifiers, and inverters.

Mechanical Engineering

This collection introduces a range of concepts that are essential for understanding and designing mechanical systems. Each video examines a specific topic and describes fundamental analytical methods commonly employed to understand physical behaviors.

Chemical Engineering

This collection explains fundamental concepts in chemical engineering using an experimental approach and it presents necessary operating procedures of various apparatuses such as the tray dryer and the viscometer.

Structural Engineering

This collection introduces students to fundamental concepts and protocols for material characterization, with specific emphasis on common construction materials such as steel, wood, and concrete.

Biomedical Engineering

This collection describes the central concepts in biomedical engineering with a focus on imaging techniques to visualize and detect medical conditions, methods to quantify biomechanical strain, and computational modeling to simulate blood flow.

Materials Engineering

This collection features cutting-edge methods for analysis and characterization of materials, and introduces a range of advanced materials and processes for new technologies and applications.

Aeronautical Engineering

This collection introduces fundamental concepts in aeronautical engineering with a focus on methods to evaluate aerodynamic performance, techniques to visualize subsonic and supersonic flow patterns, and procedures to calibrate measurement systems for real-time flight control.

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