Animal Diversity — Lab Prep

  1. Form and Function of Crickets and Crayfish
    • This lab involves dissection of both crickets and crayfish. You will need one cricket and one crayfish for each pair of students. IMPORTANT: Purchase the largest crickets available and place them in the freezer the night before.
    • On the day of the lab if they are frozen, allow the crickets to thaw for at least three hours before the dissections begin.
    • While waiting for the crickets to thaw, melt dissecting wax in a microwave or on a hotplate until it is completely liquefied.
    • Fill enough Petri dishes to have one per student pair to around halfway. Allow these plates to harden at room temperature.
    • Next set out a dissecting tray, 12 pins, scissors and a needle probe for each pair of students.
    • Also set up a few dissecting microscopes around the room and turn them on. NOTE: Generally, one microscope for four students is sufficient.
    • Then, set out a pitcher or beaker of water for students to use during the cricket dissection.