Photosynthesis — Lab Prep

  1. Plant Pigment Chromatography and Floating Leaf Discs in a Vacuum
    • On the day before the experiment, fill a container with water.
    • Place the spinach leaves into the water and make sure they are submerged.
    • Leave the spinach leaves to soak overnight at room temperature.
    • Wearing gloves, prepare and measure out 18 cm x 304 cm sections of chromatography paper.
    • Prepare a bicarbonate solution for the second experiment by combining 0.25 g NaHCO3 with 300 mL water. Add one squirt of dish soap to the solution and mix gently.
    • If the solution is still sudsy, add more bicarbonate.
    • For the control solution, combine 300 mL water with one squirt of dish soap. Mix gently and try to avoid suds.
    • Just before the experiment is due to begin, select a few spinach leaves of similar smoothness and thickness without too many large veins.
    • Use a hole punch to create 20 uniform discs from the leaves for each student or group.