Animal Behavior — Lab Prep

  1. D. Melanogaster Care
    • Obtain the Drosophila melanogaster specimens at least two weeks before the experiment to allow the specimens to acclimate to the lab room conditions. NOTE: 25 Drosophila adults produce about 50 new adults in two weeks. Each colony-housing container should consist of a clean vial, 1.5 – 3 cm of prepared food medium, and a stopper.
    • Use a funnel to transfer the flies to the colony-housing container. NOTE: House the colonies so there will be approximately 40 flies per student or student group (plus spares) on the day of the experiment.
    • On the day of the experiment, place a dish of apple cider vinegar, a razor blade, a dish of distilled water, two sterile cotton balls, a funnel, scissors, Sharpie pens, a timer, four water bottle caps, and two water bottles onto each lab table.
    • After the equipment is in place, use a funnel to randomly move colonies of 40 adult flies each into the clean vials without food or substrate.
    • NOTE: Vials without food or substrate make it easier for the students to collect only the adults and to avoid adding food to the experimental chambers.