Community Diversity — Lab Prep

  1. Setting up for the Lab and Choosing Field Sites
    • Before the experiment, first ensure that the student computers have Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets installed.
    • If using Excel, make sure the data analysis tool pack is loaded.
    • Next, you will need to identify the two fields where the students will take measurements. Both fields should ideally have lengths in any direction of at least 30 meters. One field should be a shrubby or weedy field that has not been mowed recently. The second field should be mowed and consist of more grassy vegetation.
    • In the lab, place the hula hoops, balls, measuring tape, printed tables, and ID guides for the diversity exercise on a desk at the front of the class. Click Here to download Tables 1-5
    • Alongside these, place the shovels and collection materials for the soil health activity.