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باستمرار، أثار الهاضم اللاهوائي لتحويل النفايات العضوية إلى الغاز الحيوي: إعداد النظام الأساسي وعملية

doi: 10.3791/3978 Published: July 13, 2012


Name Company Catalog Number Comments
Heated Recirculator VWR Scientific 13271-063 VWR For use with a heating jacket reactor system
Variable Speed Electric Lab Stirrer Cleveland Mixer Co. (Model 5VB) This mixer model facilitates mounting with a ring stand
Wet-Type Precision Gas Meter Ritter Gasmeters (Model TG-01) This model needs a minimum flow of (0.1 L/h) and can handle a maximum flow of 30 L/h
Gas Bubbler Chemglass (Model AF-0513-20)
Gas Sampling Tube Chemglass (Model CG-1808)
Axial Impeller Lightnin’ R04560-25 Cole-Parmer Impeller blades with 7.9375 mm bore diameter
Impeller Shaft Grainger 2EXC9 Grainger 1.83 m stainless steel rod with 7.9375 mm O.D. (needs to be cut to appropriate size)
Cast Iron Support Stands American Educational Products (Model 7-G16) For mixer mounting
Three-Prong Extension Clamp Talon 21572-803 VWR For mixer mounting
Regular Clamp Holder Talon 21572-501 VWR For mixer mounting
Peristaltic Pump Masterflex WU-07523-80 Cole-Parmer For effluent decanting
L/S Standard Pump Head Masterflex EW-07018-21 Cole-Parmer For effluent decanting -accessory to peristaltic pump
L/S Precision Pump Tubing Masterflex EW-06508-18 Cole-Parmer For effluent decanting - accessory to peristaltic pump
pH Analysis
pH Meter Thermo Fisher Scientific - Orion 1212000
Total and Volatile Solids Analysis (Standard Methods: 2540-B,E)
Glass Vacuum Dessicator Kimax WU-06536-30 Cole-Parmer
Porcelain Evaporating Dishes VWR 89038-082 VWR
Lab Oven Thermo Fisher Scientific (Model 13-246-516GAQ)
Medium Chamber Muffle Furnace Barnstead/ Thermolyne F6010 Thermo Scientific
Total Volatile Fatty Acid Analysis (Standard Methods: 5560-C)
Large Capacity Variable Speed Centrifuge Sigma WU-17451-00 Cole-Parmer
Laboratory Hot Plate Thermo Scientific (Model HP53013A)
Large Condenser Kemtech America (Model C150190)
Acetic Acid Reagent [CAS: 64-19-7] Alfa Aesar AA33252-AK
Chemical Oxygen Demand (Standard Methods: 5520-C)
COD Block Heater HACH (Model DRB-200)
Borosilicate Culture Tubes Pyrex (Model 9825-13)
Potassium Dichromate Reagent [CAS: 7778-50-9] Avantor Performance Materials 3090-01
Mercury II Sulfate Reagent [CAS: 7783-35-9] Avantor Performance Materials 2640-04
Ferroin Indicator Solution [CAS: 14634-91-4] Ricca Chemical R3140000-120C
Ammonium iron(II) sulfate hexahydrate [CAS: 7783-85-9] Alfa Aesar 13448-36
Gas Composition by Gas Chromatography Analysis
Gas Chromatograph SRI Instruments Model 8610C Must be equipped with a thermal conductibility detector (TCD), using below mentioned column and carrier gas operated at an isothermal temperature of 105 °C
Helium Gas Airgas He HP300 To be used as the carrier gas
Packed-Column Restek 80484-800 To be used for N2, CH4, and CO2 separation



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باستمرار، أثار الهاضم اللاهوائي لتحويل النفايات العضوية إلى الغاز الحيوي: إعداد النظام الأساسي وعملية
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Usack, J. G., Spirito, C. M., Angenent, L. T. Continuously-stirred Anaerobic Digester to Convert Organic Wastes into Biogas: System Setup and Basic Operation. J. Vis. Exp. (65), e3978, doi:10.3791/3978 (2012).More

Usack, J. G., Spirito, C. M., Angenent, L. T. Continuously-stirred Anaerobic Digester to Convert Organic Wastes into Biogas: System Setup and Basic Operation. J. Vis. Exp. (65), e3978, doi:10.3791/3978 (2012).

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