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Building a Better Mosquito

Building a Better Mosquito: Identifying the Genes Enabling Malaria and Dengue Fever Resistance in A. gambiae and A. aegypti Mosquitoes

Article DOI: 10.3791/233-v 15:04 min July 4th, 2007
July 4th, 2007



In this interview, George Dimopoulos focuses on the physiological mechanisms used by mosquitoes to combat Plasmodium falciparum and dengue virus infections. Explanation is given for how key refractory genes, those genes conferring resistance to vector pathogens, are identified in the mosquito and how this knowledge can be used to generate transgenic mosquitoes that are unable to carry the malaria parasite or dengue virus.


Building A Better Mosquito Genes Malaria Dengue Fever A. Gambiae A. Aegypti Mosquitoes Physiological Mechanisms Plasmodium Falciparum Dengue Virus Infections Refractory Genes Vector Pathogens Transgenic Mosquitoes
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