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Interactive Molecular Model Assembly with 3D Printing

Interactive Molecular Model Assembly with 3D Printing

Article DOI: 10.3791/61487-v 06:15 min August 13th, 2020
August 13th, 2020



Physical modeling of microscopic systems helps obtain insights that are difficult to gain by other means. To facilitate the construction of physical molecular models, we demonstrate how 3D printing can be used to assemble functional macroscopic models that capture qualities of molecular systems in a tactile way.



3D Printing Molecular Model Assembly Interactivity Dynamical Qualities Conformation Exploration Molecular Motion Static Manuscript Model Files Stereolithography Files Slicer Program Carbon Atom SP3 Hydrogen Atom Carbon-carbon Bond Millimeter Format Models Panel Graphical Model Model Editing Panel Translation Rotation Scaling Duplicate Models Model Array
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