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RIBO-seq in Bacteria

RIBO-seq in Bacteria: a Sample Collection and Library Preparation Protocol for NGS Sequencing

Article DOI: 10.3791/62544-v 12:05 min August 7th, 2021
August 7th, 2021



Here we describe the stages of sample collection and preparation for RIBO-seq in bacteria. Sequencing of the libraries prepared according to these guidelines results in sufficient data for comprehensive bioinformatic analysis. The protocol we present is simple, uses standard laboratory equipment and takes seven days from lysis to obtaining libraries.



RIBO-seq Bacteria Sample Collection Library Preparation NGS Sequencing Ribosome Profiling Protein Synthesis Translation Monitoring Ribosomal Footprints Ribonuclease Digestion MRNA Sequencing Chloramphenicol Bacterial Culture Translation Inhibition Sample Collection Time Filtration System
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