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Cell Patterning on Photolithographically Defined Parylene-C

Cell Patterning on Photolithographically Defined Parylene-C: SiO2 Substrates

Article DOI: 10.3791/50929-v 07:19 min March 7th, 2014
March 7th, 2014



This protocol describes a microfabrication-compatible method for cell patterning on SiO2. A predefined parylene-C design is photolithographically printed on SiO2 wafers. Following incubation with serum (or other activation solution) cells adhere specifically to (and grow according to the conformity of) underlying parylene-C, whilst being repulsed by SiO2 regions.


Cell Patterning Photolithography Parylene-C SiO2 Substrates Multi-Electrode Arrays (MEAs) Lab On A Chip Microfabrication Polymer Deposition Micron-level Resolution Fetal Bovine Serum Cell Adhesion Cell Types Cost-effective Reliable Microelectronic Technology
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