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Inyeong Choi
Associate Professor
Dr. Inyeong Choi is an Associate Professor of Physiology at Emory University. He received a Ph.D in developmental biology from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Choi completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Dr. Walter Boron's lab at Yale University and then joined the faculty of the Department of Physiology at Emory. He has the expertise in cellular and systemic pH regulation in various organ systems including the neural, cardiovascular, and renal systems. His research focuses on the sodium bicarbonate transporters that are essential for cellular pH maintenance in nonepithelial cells and transepithelial movement of bicarbonate in epitheliall cells. Abnormal functions of bicarbonate transporters result in human diseases and dysfunctional states including metabolic acidosis, stroke, seizure, and visual defects. In addition, recent studies show pathophysiological implication of bicarbonate transporters on cancer progression and drug addiction propensity. Dr. Choi's team hopes to gain knowledge of bicarbonate transporter-mediated physiology and pathology at multiple levels ranging from cellular, molecular to systemic levels, and develops therapeutic approaches toward acid-base imbalance that is associated with acute insults.

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