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Roie Yerushalmi

Our research is focused on materials chemistry, nanomaterials and surface chemistry. We are located at the institute of chemistry at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Yerushalmi group research is primarily focused on development and utilization of surface chemistry to modify the chemical and physical properties of materials at the nanoscale. Fellowships and Awards: Recipient of several prizes including the Krill Prize, Kennedy prize, and the career development award by the Human Frontier Science Program. ERC young scientist research grant for developing large scale architectures with nanometric structured interfaces for charge separation, transport and interception. Young fellow of the Israeli Young Academy, a newly formed organization for the advancement of young scientists and science in Israel, formed by the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Research Interests: Design and synthesis of hybrid nanostructures for photocatalysis, optical applications, energy harvesting. Development of new surface chemistries, the synthesis and surface modification of Hybrid nanostructures, ex-situ doping of nanostructures, nanostructure array assembly, comprehensive characterization of complex nanostructured systems by the application of analytical methods.

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