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Uri Shalev

Associate Professor
Uri Shalev received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Tel Aviv University. After completing his postdoctoral training with Dr. Yavin Shaham at the National Institute on Drug Abuse/NIH in 2002, he headed the behavioral laboratory in D-Pharm Ltd., Rehovot, Israel. At the same time, he was appointed a senior lecturer at the Academic College Tel Aviv-Yaffo. In 2004 he joined the Department of Psychology and the Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology at Concordia University, where he is currently an Associate Professor. He held a Canada Research Chair in Neurobiology of Drug Abuse (Tier II; 2004-2015). His research involves two main themes: 1) Elucidating the brain mechanisms that underlie stress-induced relapse to drug abuse. 2) Comorbidity of drug abuse with eating disorders.

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