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Zhaoyu Li

Assistant Professor
Research focus: genomics, epigenomics, cancer, stem cell biology and tissue development, sexual dimorphism, bioinformatics. Dr. Li 's lab is performing a comparative genomics study of Foxa/ERa dual targets between liver cancer and breast cancer in mouse models using genomic and proteomic approaches, such as next-generation sequencing and mass spectrometry. The lab is also interested in translating the information obtained from its mouse studies into human cancers and testing target genes for therapeutics of both cancers. Next-generation sequencing technology allows Dr. Li and his colleagues to reveal detailed chromatin structures in the whole genome, which provides novel scenarios of gene regulation compared to traditional approaches. They are also interested in identifying the genomic and epigenomic landscapes in regulating stem cell differentiation and their impact on cancer progression using genomic and bioinformatics approaches.

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