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Essentials of Developmental Biology

This sixth Science Education collection introduces the field of developmental biology. Researchers in this discipline endeavor to understand the developmental processes that occur in organisms at every stage - starting from the single-celled embryo to the aging adult. Based on current science, this collection is divided into five sub-categories: developmental genetics, molecular developmental biology, stem cell biology, organogenesis, and aging and regeneration. The following videos provide a brief history of developmental biology research and discuss the common lab techniques used to answer key questions asked by experts in this field.

An Introduction to Developmental Genetics

Gene Silencing with Morpholinos

Genetic Engineering of Model Organisms

An Introduction to Molecular Developmental Biology

Explant Culture for Developmental Studies

Whole-Mount In Situ Hybridization

An Introduction to Stem Cell Biology

Embryonic Stem Cell Culture and Differentiation

Induced Pluripotency

An Introduction to Organogenesis

Fate Mapping

Transplantation Studies

An Introduction to Aging and Regeneration

Invertebrate Lifespan Quantification

Tissue Regeneration with Somatic Stem Cells

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