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2.3: Construction of Frequency Distribution

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Construction of Frequency Distribution

2.3: Construction of Frequency Distribution

A frequency distribution table can be constructed using the steps given below.

First, make a table with two columns—one with the title of the data that needs to be organized, and the other column for frequency. [Draw a third column for tally marks if needed]. Then, take a look at the items given in the data set and decide if an ungrouped frequency distribution table or a grouped frequency distribution table would be more suitable. If there are large sets of different values, then it is best to construct a grouped frequency distribution table. Now, write the data set values in the first column. Count the number of times each item repeats itself in the collected data. In other words, find the frequency of each item by counting, followed by writing the frequency in the second column corresponding to each item. Finally, write the total frequency in the last row of the table.


Frequency Distribution Construction Table Columns Title Data Organized Frequency Tally Marks Ungrouped Frequency Distribution Table Grouped Frequency Distribution Table Values Data Set Repeats Collected Data Frequency Count Last Row

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