COVID-19 / Coronavirus Outbreak: Donning Personal Protective Equipment Before Entering A Patient Room

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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Procedures
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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Procedures

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Wunderlich, R., Schlotterer, M., Frey, A., Nikomanis, P. S., Liese, J., Häberle, H., Münch, A. COVID-19 / Coronavirus Outbreak: Donning Personal Protective Equipment Before Entering A Patient Room. J. Vis. Exp. (159), e6428, (2020).


In pandemic times, medical staff is becoming a key resource in fighting the infection. To achieve the best medical care, relevant techniques and procedures have to be taught to medical staff to reduce the risk of infection. In this video the donning of personal protective gear prior to treating COVID-19 patients is shown. A technique to reuse protective facemasks in shortage of supplies is also discussed. 


An assistant should observe and assist with the donning procedure until you are secure in your ability to carry this out on your own.

  1. Unpack and lay the protective glasses on a surface within grabbing distance.
  2. Carry out a systematic and thorough hand disinfection. Use your elbow to attain three spurts of disinfectant, and rub this into your hands until dry.
  3. Your name, the time, and the date should be written on a newly utilized mask (when planning to reuse it). The face mask can be used for one entire work shift.
  4. Don the protective gown and fasten both cords.
  5. Put on a pair of gloves, making sure that the gloves are pulled over and cover the sleeves of the protective gown.
  6. A protective cap can be worn, however this is not obligatory.
  7. Don the mask. If you have used the mask previously, remove it from the hook, taking care not to touch the potentially contaminated exterior surface.
  8. Next, spread apart the elastic straps and place the mask over your mouth and nose, starting from the chin and moving upwards. Pull one elastic strap over and one under your ears.
  9. Press the metal nose-grip to the shape of your nose, so that the mask is tight fitting.
  10. Carry out a leak test by breathing out powerfully.
  11. Put on the protective glasses.  While avoiding touching the inner side of the glasses, pull the frame gently apart and place the glasses over your ears in an inwards direction.
  12. A protective face visor can also be worn.

Additional recommendations:

  • Always remove your gloves and disinfect your hands.
  • Always disinfect your hands when exchanging gloves and always allow the disinfectant to fully dry.


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