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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Procedures

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COVID-19 / Coronavirus Outbreak: A Rapidly Deployable Medical Facility Optimized for Epidemics (Smart Pod)



The CDC recommends that patient screening for COVID-19 is performed in an isolated room behind closed doors to protect other patients from potential exposure to the virus. The SmartPod is a rapidly deployable medical facility that can serve as a biocontainment unit for airborne pathogens.

This emergency solution has been developed by Baylor College of Medicine as a nimble standardized facility that is optimized for epidemics. In its folded and most compact form, the facility has the dimensions of a standard shipping container. It can be easily transported and reassembled into a 403 square foot facility providing a rapid option for augmenting limited resources.

The SmartPod holds all necessary supplies and equipment. Inside the unit, infection control is strengthened with antimicrobial flooring, HEPA filters, and a UVC lighting system proven to eliminate 99.7% of pathogens, including airborne pathogens like COVID-19. Furthermore, this relocatable clinic can be constructed with a negative pressure system allowing for the elimination of contaminated air.

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