JoVE Science Education Basic Biology Basic Methods in Cellular and Molecular Biology

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Basic Methods in Cellular and Molecular Biology

This Science Education video collection demonstrates how to execute basic techniques commonly used in cellular and molecular biology. To enhance your understanding of the methods each video is paired with additional video resources to show practical applications of the techniques and other complementary skills.

Using a Hemacytometer to Count Cells

Restriction Enzyme Digests

DNA Ligation Reactions

An Introduction to Transfection

The Western Blot

Gel Purification

Plasmid Purification

The ELISA Method

Bacterial Transformation: Electroporation

Bacterial Transformation: The Heat Shock Method

Separating Protein with SDS-PAGE

DNA Gel Electrophoresis

PCR: The Polymerase Chain Reaction

Passaging Cells

Molecular Cloning

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