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In Utero Intraventricular Injection and Electroporation of E15 Mouse Embryos

Published: July 19, 2007 doi: 10.3791/239


In-utero in-vivo injection and electroporation of the embryonic mouse neocortex provides a powerful tool for the manipulation of individual progenitors lining the walls of the lateral ventricle. This technique is now widely used to study the processes involved in corticogenesis by over-expressing or knocking down genes and observing the effects on cellular proliferation, migration, and differentiation. In comparison to traditional knockout strategies, in-utero electroporation provides a rapid means to manipulate a population of cells during a specific temporal window. In this video protocol we outline the experimental methodology for preparing mice for surgery, exposing the uterine horns through laporatomy, injecting DNA into the lateral ventricles of the developing embryo, electroporating DNA into the progenitors lining the lateral wall, and caring for animals post-surgery. Our laboratory uses this protocol for surgeries on E13-E16 mice, however, it is most commonly performed at E15, as shown in this video.


The authors have nothing to disclose.


In-utero Intraventricular Injection Electroporation E15 Mouse Embryos Neocortex Manipulation Progenitors Lateral Ventricle Corticogenesis Gene Over-expression Gene Knockdown Cellular Proliferation Migration Differentiation Knockout Strategies Temporal Window Video Protocol Surgery Preparation Uterine Horns Exposure DNA Injection Progenitor Electroporation Animal Care Post-surgery
In Utero Intraventricular Injection and Electroporation of E15 Mouse Embryos
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Walantus, W., Castaneda, D., Elias,More

Walantus, W., Castaneda, D., Elias, L., Kriegstein, A. In Utero Intraventricular Injection and Electroporation of E15 Mouse Embryos. J. Vis. Exp. (6), e239, doi:10.3791/239 (2007).

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