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يرتبط فخ كروموسوم لتحديد الحمض النووي تفاعلات طويلة المدى

doi: 10.3791/2621 Published: April 23, 2011


Name Company Catalog Number Comments
RPMI1640 medium Invitrogen 22400-105
acrylamide Invitrogen 15512-023
ATP solution, 10mM Invitrogen AM8110G
fetal bovine serum Invitrogen 16000-044
penicillin-streptomycin Invitrogen 15140-122
1M Tris pH8.0 Invitrogen AM9856
RNase A Invitrogen 12091-039
SDS Invitrogen 15525-017
urea Invitrogen 15505-035
BamH I New England Biolabs R0136T
Bgl II New England Biolabs R0144M
Dpn II New England Biolabs R0543T
Msp I New England Biolabs R0106S
dNTPs New England Biolabs N0447L
proteinase K New England Biolabs P8102S
T4 DNA ligase New England Biolabs M0202T
37% formaldehyde Sigma-Aldrich F8775
Bis-acrylamide Sigma-Aldrich 146072
dithiothreitol Sigma-Aldrich 43815
glycine Sigma-Aldrich 50046
PMSF Sigma-Aldrich 93482
proteinase inhibitor Sigma-Aldrich S8830
Nonidet P-40 Roche Group 11754599001
KlenTaq1 Ab peptides 1001
dCTP alpha P32 PerkinElmer, Inc. BLU513H250UC
PTC-100 Thermal Cycler MJ Research mjptc100
Power Supply Bio-Rad 164-5056
OmniPAGE Maxi Aurogene Life Science VS20D
Typhoon 9400 GE Healthcare 63-0055-78



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يرتبط فخ كروموسوم لتحديد الحمض النووي تفاعلات طويلة المدى
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Ling, J., Hoffman, A. R. Associated Chromosome Trap for Identifying Long-range DNA Interactions. J. Vis. Exp. (50), e2621, doi:10.3791/2621 (2011).More

Ling, J., Hoffman, A. R. Associated Chromosome Trap for Identifying Long-range DNA Interactions. J. Vis. Exp. (50), e2621, doi:10.3791/2621 (2011).

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