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Conducting Miller-Urey Experiments

Conducting Miller-Urey Experiments

Article DOI: 10.3791/51039-v 11:10 min January 21st, 2014
January 21st, 2014



The Miller-Urey experiment was a pioneering study regarding the abiotic synthesis of organic compounds with possible relevance to the origins of life. Simple gases were introduced into a glass apparatus and subjected to an electric discharge, simulating the effects of lightning in the primordial Earth’s atmosphere-ocean system. The experiment was conducted for one week, after which, the samples collected from it were analyzed for the chemical building blocks of life.


Miller-Urey Experiments Biomolecule Production Primordial Earth's Atmosphere-ocean System Gaseous Starting Materials Electric Discharge Experimental Protocol Spark Discharge Experiment Reaction Flask High Voltage Risk Of Explosion Primitive Planetary Environments
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