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Quantification of Optic Nerve Cross Sectional Area on MRI

Quantification of Optic Nerve Cross Sectional Area on MRI: A Novel Protocol using Fiji Software

Article DOI: 10.3791/62752-v 08:57 min September 4th, 2021
September 4th, 2021



We provided a detailed protocol for a standardized method of optic nerve assessment and quantification using MRI, utilizing a widely available imaging sequence, and open access software for image analysis. Following this standardized protocol would provide meaningful data for comparison between different patients and different studies.



Optic Nerve Cross Sectional Area MRI Protocol Fiji Software Image Acquisition Image Analysis Glaucoma Patient Assessment Optic Nerve Integrity Metallic Material Face Masks Implantable Devices Pacemakers Insulin Pumps Claustrophobia Consent Form
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