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Physical Examinations I

This collection provides a foundation for performing physical exams; with techniques ranging from measuring blood pressure or vital signs, to key pulmonary and cardiovascular physical examinations.

Physical Examinations II

This collection is a specialized edition featuring methodologies and procedures associated with more sensitive and comprehensive physical exams such as HEENT exams, abdominal exams, and pelvic exams.

Physical Examinations III

This collection covers physical examination of two major systems in our body: neurological and musculoskeletal, with videos explaining relevant anatomy, the rationale behind the steps, and the interpretation of the exam findings.

Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

This collection delves into a wide range of procedures employed in emergency and intensive care settings, ranging from basic life support methods such as CPR and rescue breathing to other common procedures performed during emergency situations.

Nursing Skills

This collection demonstrates medication preparation and administration, with videos highlighting important safety checks, considerations, dosage calculations, and common mistakes associated with improper medication administration.

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Procedures

This collection demonstrates procedures for healthcare workers who are screening and treating patients for COVID-19/Coronavirus.

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