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Faced with the COVID pandemic, the research and education world has quickly adapted, resulting in a time of great innovation.
This award will recognize innovative uses of visual and other digital resources that libraries developed to support users in these challenging times.

Award Details

JoVE will provide funding, in the form of reimbursement, for professional development up to an amount of $1,500 USD / per winner.

This funding can be used towards conference participation (whether virtually or in person) and/or course registration related to skill development completed by December 30, 2022.
We will confirm one recipient from each region globally as follows:

Region 1
United States, Latin America, or Canada

Region 2
Europe, Africa, or the Middle East

Region 3
Asia, Australia, or New Zealand
Terms and Eligibility
Applicants must be currently employed by, enrolled in or affiliated with an academic institution or corporate, government, or hospital entity.

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of faculty members.

Submissions may be published on our website and/or be incorporated in the development of content materials for dissemination to a wide audience.

Applications must be received by July 15, 2021, and winners will be announced in Fall 2021.

Awardees must be willing to participate in JoVE coverage of contest results including a blog post, quoted testimonial, and webinar.

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