JoVE Makes an Impact in Canada

Katherine Scott

As many of you know, JoVE appeared on CTV National News this past weekend. Though JoVE was founded in and operates out of Cambridge, MA we are an international journal, with video-articles published from 35 countries, including over 100 articles from researchers across Canada.

The CTV news story did an excellent job of explaining why this is so significant. Despite the huge advances in scientific innovation, academic publishing has barely changed in the past 300 years. JoVE is the world’s only peer reviewed, PubMed-indexed journal publishing all of its content in both text and video format. This makes research more accessible, and easier to teach, learn and understand.

Scientists Upload Research to YouTube-Inspired Journal


A science journal that broke the mold of academic publishing with a YouTube-inspired approach to sharing new studies is celebrating its fifth year with a growing Web audience.

JoVE is an online, peer-reviewed and indexed scientific journal that highlights the latest research on everything from plankton cells to human diseases.

What makes JoVE different from some 25,000 scientific journals published worldwide is that it presents information in video format. Subscribers can watch scientists perform and discuss experiments, show off new lab techniques and browse through microscope slides.

Do you believe in the future of academic publishing? Recommend JoVE to your librarian today.