Classroom Testing: A Great STEM Teacher Engagement Tool

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The rise of active learning is changing education. As part of this trend, electronically enabled streamlined testing is another way to save time and effort in your classroom and improve student outcomes.

It’s proven that frequently testing for comprehension in the classroom isn’t just useful to measure knowledge retention. Testing also promotes student learning capabilities: As a Scientific American article explains, this is a century-old method called “retrieval.”

No Question Testing Boosts Learning

The article’s author says: “We think of tests as a kind of dipstick that we insert into a student’s head, an indicator that tells us how high the level of knowledge has risen in there — when in fact, every time a student calls up knowledge from memory, that memory changes. Its mental representation becomes stronger, more stable and more accessible.”

Now, with online tools, teachers can more easily automate the process of creating, distributing, and correcting tests. And this testing method can be combined with web-accessed video teaching content to boost STEM student classroom performance.

Video And Testing  A Powerful Toolset

Overall, video is a revolutionary new way to teach, and it fits in well into the active learning methodology. JoVE is not only a pioneer in offering peer-reviewed science video articles, we also offer an extensive video-based Science Education library.

JoVE has made the Science Education library even more useful as a free preparation tool — by also offering subscribing teachers the ability to quickly and efficiently test students (after students view their assigned science videos).

The JoVE Tests for Science Education tool:

  • Offers customizable tests for all JoVE Science Education videos
  • Automatically and securely compiles and tabulates student answers
  • Incorporates video stills that can be matched to specific questions  
  • Creates multiple sets of questions for use with different classes/cohorts

JoVE Tests has won professional plaudits, as well. Noted University of Helsinki researcher, Dr. Leonard Khiroug, says: “JoVE Tests is very easy to use and offers great functionality. Not only does JoVE Tests make lectures more engaging and enhance student understanding of lab techniques, it’s also a handy study guide for exams.”

To learn more how Jove Tests can help your class, we offer this informative video for you to watch:


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