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Marc Holdaway
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A few weeks ago I ate lunch at my desk, looking out the window I saw one of my JoVE co-workers securing a ratchet strap between two trees. “That’s interesting” I thought, “what could she be doing with that?” The answer came quickly as she jumped up and started walking a tightrope 3 feet off the ground between trees. Just another quirky, cool JoVE employee, it turns out. That is my favorite thing about working at JoVE, the diversity and personality of the people.

At JoVE, you will work next to a brilliant PhD scientist, a young sales person still trying to make a professional rugby career in his free time, a former brigade commander in the Israeli Army and even a lunch-time tight-rope walker. That doesn’t even touch upon our IT team who are a cast of characters in their own right. That is the culture of JoVE, bring your passions and life experiences into the fold to create products that really do change the way we all learn science.

Many JoVE employees have a background or a passion for science and someone with an advance degree in science will usually find a position of interest on the JoVE career page. It’s not all science at JoVE, though. Sales, Marketing, HR, Corporate Finance, and IT are just a few areas that we hire, smart, motivated people into. We hire for offices around the globe and hire people from every corner of the world into those offices.

Take a look at our current openings on the career page of JoVE.com. If you don’t see something that excites you, wait a few weeks and look again. Like it’s people, JoVE’s career opportunities are interesting and constantly growing.

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