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  • Post ImageOctober 25, 2018Move from Bio-Techie to Bibliotech Enhances STEM Librarian’s OutreachBy: Dorit van MoppesRead More
  • Post ImageAugust 29, 20185 Steps For A More Productive Ph.D.By: Jaydev Upponi, Ph.D.Read More
  • Post ImageAugust 21, 2018Exciting Times for STEM Librarians: Q&A with UC Berkeley’s Kortney RuppBy: Marc SonginiRead More
  • Post ImageAugust 10, 2018STEM Librarians Face Gap With Science Audiences, Survey IndicatesBy: Marc SonginiRead More
  • Post ImageApril 12, 2018What To Do About The Reproducibility CrisisBy: Letisha R. Wyatt, PhDRead More
  • Post ImageApril 5, 2018A Scientist in Librarian’s Clothing: Part OneBy: Letisha R. Wyatt, PhDRead More
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