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Namrata Sengupta, Ph.D.
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JoVE’s first-ever “Film Your Research” video contest is being organized this year for science researchers to showcase their research around the world and stand a chance to win up to $3000!!!

This contest is an effort to get scientists connected with the concept of “visual science” by making a 2-minute video featuring yourself or a lab member performing a scientific experiment/technique in the laboratory or in the field. Four lucky entrants will win big cash prizes, as well as bragging rights, for the most creative videos.

Deadline for this contest has passed (June 15, 2017, 11:59 pm EST).

Finalists selected for the popular voting round will be announced on July 31, 2017, 10:00 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time.

Thank you all, who participated! We received a tremendous response and great videos from labs and research groups around the world. Please keep an eye out for more information on popular voting and jury results, over the next few months.

Contest Timeline during 2017

June 15: Deadline to submit your full application

July 31: Top 10 videos will be announced for popular voting on the contest homepage. Top 10 finalists will also be notified via email and information will be provided on how they could promote their own videos to win popular votes.

August 1 to August 21: Popular voting on the contest homepage

September 1: Winners will be announced for both reviewers’ choice and popular choice awards

If you have any questions regarding the contest please email


  1. Reviewers’ Choice 1st prize: $3000 cash award
  2. Reviewers’ Choice 2nd prize: $2000 cash award
  3. Reviewers’ Choice 3rd prize: $1000 cash award
  4. People’s choice award decided by popular vote: $2000 cash reward

Evaluation Criteria

The judging process will happen in two phases:

Reviewer’s choice awards: Winners will be judged on scientific merit, quality of the content/message, and creativity used in the production and narration of the video. Besides choosing the first, second, and third award winners, reviewers will also help in nominating the top ten videos for the popular choice award.

Popular choice award: The top ten videos selected by reviewers will be posted on the contest page and be opened for popular votes. The video with the highest number of popular votes will win the popular choice award.

Contest application information which was provided to applicants:


We are looking for “early career scientists” to enter this contest. This is a global contest, so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

All applicants must currently be pursuing scientific research in an academic institution and fit the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate student pursuing scientific research
  • Graduate student (M.S./Ph.D.) pursuing scientific research
  • Post-doctoral researcher
  • Scientist who has received his/her highest degree within the last ten years and currently pursuing research (e.g. research professors, research associates, lab managers, etc.)

Contest Requirements

  • Make a 2-minute video featuring yourself or a lab member performing a scientific experiment or technique in the lab or in the field.
  • The video should be accompanied with a 200-word description of the experimental method and research being performed as well as the larger problem in science that the experiment aims to solve. (Please try to avoid scientific jargon in your description)
  • The video and description should be able to convey the idea of participating scientist’s research and experiments to a wider audience. The review panel will be comprised of both scientists and nonscientists
  • The scientist entering the contest must conceptualize, direct, and narrate.
  • The video shouldn’t include the full experiment but it should include some glimpses featuring a scientist performing research.
  • The video should include an audio narration outlining the background and description. Overall creativity is encouraged in the communication style.
  • The video should be uploaded to YouTube and the link shared in the application form here.
  • Please create an account and submit your applications using your institutional email id as we are trying to make sure submissions are coming in from applicants who are current researchers at academic institutions.
  • If you wish to participate in the contest as a group from your research lab, you are most welcome to do so. However, there should be only one leading scientist who should conceptualize and direct the video. Also, he/she should be the person entering the contest as the applicant on the contest homepage and be submitting one video on behalf of the group in the application. (If the applicant is declared a winner, he/she is most welcome to share the cash award with the team members!)

Video Examples:

Here are two examples of JoVE-produced videos that illustrate how you can present a technical research method in a science communication style video with a creative narrative.

Video Example 1 –

Video Example 2 –

You can also review top ten tips for making a great research video here.