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Eric C. Liao
Dr. Liao is an Associate Professor in Surgery and Genetics, and serves as the Director of Cleft and Craniofacial Center at Mass General Hospital for Children. He also directs research as Principal Faculty of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute at the Center for Regenerative Medicine. His research program is focused on the genetic regulation of craniofacial development, with particular emphasis in translation of human genetics to mechanistic understanding of gene function. His laboratory has developed various models to address functional genomics questions, using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) and zebrafish systems to complement more traditional murine models. Dr. Liao is unique in combining his expertise in treatment of patients with complex craniofacial anomalies with complementary frontier fundamental research, with the goal of improving patient outcomes. Dr. Liao wants to know everything possible in craniofacial anomalies, with vertical analysis of the underlying biological basis and how this impacts patient outcomes. Dr. Liao graduated from Stanford University, Harvard Medical School / M.I.T. (MD, PhD), and trained in Harvard Plastic Surgery Residency. Dr. Liao's clinical and academic excellence have earned numerous prestigious awards: American Surgical Association Fellowship, Basil O'Connor Scholarship, MGH Cancer Center 100 Honoree, Mass General Research Scholar.

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