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Best Practices


Save Time & Improve Learning

JoVE’s Science Education Library covers key basic concepts, freeing your time to engage students on more complex subject matter. Students can access the videos at any time, reinforcing what they’ve learned and preparing them for labs and exams.

Exposure To Real Science

Teachers can show students real science from global experts in various scientific fields, showing real-life applications of the concepts they’re teaching. With JoVE’s video library, students receive access to leading research labs from around the world.

Pre-Class Prep & Post-Class Review

JoVE’s Science Education platform allows educators to create customized tests to ensure student engagement and preparedness for class. Our tests show where students have retained the key areas of your curriculum, and where they may need improvement or remediation.

Learning Tool for Diverse Learners

Not every student learns the same way. JoVE’s platform is perfect for visual learners, students who require a different pace of instruction than their peers, or those with hearing impairment. With blended animation and live action, complex concepts are more easily understood.

Institute a Flipped Classroom

JoVE’s platform is perfect for the flipped classroom paradigm, allowing students to explore topics in their own time, coming to class ready to explore in more depth. This enables educators to focus on one-on-one, hands-on interaction in the classroom and teaching lab.

Watch & Learn Science Anywhere

The ability to watch JoVE videos anywhere allows students to prepare pre-lab, reinforce difficult concepts, and catch up after missed classes. Access to JoVE is 24/7/365, and our responsive website ensures high-quality playback on any device.