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Frequently Asked Questions

Are JoVE Video Journal articles peer-reviewed?

Absolutely. Every article published in JoVE Video Journal undergoes a rigorous peer review process by experts in relevant research fields. To learn more about our peer review and publication policies, visit our Publish page for a comprehensive guide.

Is JoVE Video Journal featured in any scientific indexes?

JoVE articles are indexed in PubMed/Medline, Web of Science, ChemAbstracts, SciFinder, Scopus, and AGRICOLA, to name a few. Additionally, JoVE articles are regularly cited in traditional science journals including Nature, Science, Cell, and PLoS.

How often does JoVE publish new content?

JoVE Video Journal releases an average of 100 new videos each month (1,200 per year) across 13 different fields of research. 

JoVE Science Education Library will add 20 new video collections (15 videos each) in 2017, across eight basic science disciplines.

Combined, JoVE offers more than 7,000 video articles!

Does JoVE have any open access video articles to preview?

We do. Most of the JoVE videos are exclusively available to users from subscribed institutions, but approximately 10% of our video articles are classified as “free” or “open” access. Interested parties can also request a trial of our resources.

How do I request a JoVE trial?

Please contact our Library Relations department by filling out a contact form here.

How much does a JoVE subscription cost?

Our Library Relations Department works with each client to customize a subscription package that fits each institution's unique content needs. To learn more about pricing for a JoVE subscription at your institution, we invite you to start the conversation with our Library Relations Department by filling out our contact form here.

Can patrons access JoVE content when not on campus?

Yes. Users can still access all of your licensed content when off campus, they only need to log in to JoVE.com with their institutional email address.

Where can I find usage statistics for my institution?

To get your institutional usage statistics, please contact your account manager or contact us here.

Are there MARC records available for JoVE Video Journal Articles?

Yes. Each piece of content from JoVE has a corresponding MARC record. Please contact your account manager at JoVE if you’d like them sent to you, or contact us here. 

Where do users find exactly what content they have access to?

Users can see their access on the JoVE homepage. The parts of JoVE content available to specific users are highlighted, and parts that are not available are grayed out. 

Can patrons watch JoVE videos on tablets or mobile phones?

Yes. Our new website is responsive and mobile-friendly, so users can go directly to JoVE.com with their mobile phones and tablets.

What happens if we’re having a technical issue with JoVE?

If your institution is having issues with JoVE, please submit a support ticket on our contact page. A person in our IT department will personally respond within 24 hours.

Where can I find marketing collateral, user guides, and other helpful tools to get the most out of our JoVE subscription?

We have created a special section of JoVE.com for useful materials for librarians, the Resource Hub. If you don't find what you're look for, please tell us via our contact page.

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