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Social Psychology

Perspectives on Social Psychology


Social Psychology is a complex field—one that investigates how social contexts affect people’s actions, thoughts, and attitudes. It brings the scientific method into our everyday lives by addressing questions relevant to interactions amongst individuals near and far or even over the internet. For example, the video about ostracism details an approach to induce feelings of exclusion without direct face-to-face contact.

These videos are meant to show the wide reactionary nature of human beings, which also makes the experimental process more complicated. By providing students and scientists a transparent look at the intricate research methods behind classic experiments, this collection strengthens their understanding into just how researchers manipulate contexts to elicit behaviors—some that we are not even aware of harboring. For instance, the video "Implicit Association Test" explores how to measure unconscious attitudes for sensitive topics, like racial prejudice.

This collection in Social Psychology provides the perfect introduction to this subject and insight into future directions, such as integration with neuroscience and big data collected via social media outlets.

Perspectives on Social Psychology
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