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Bir Zebra balığı Larva Lusıferaz Muhabir Sistemi ile glukokortikoid Signaling'den için bir Kimyasal Tarama Prosedürü

Published: September 10, 2013 doi: 10.3791/50439


Name Company Catalog Number Comments
Buffer composition + reagents
Dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) Carl Roth GmbH Co KG A994.2
FDA approved drug library Enzo Life Sciences BML-2841-0100
Luciferin Biosynth L-8220
Dexamethasone Sigma-Aldrich D4902
Methylene Blue Sigma-Aldrich M9140
E3 N/A N/A 5 mM NaCl, 0.17 mM KCl, 0.33 mM CaCl2
Multiprobe II PerkinElmer 8 channel, equipped with disposable tip adaptor
Liquidator 96 Steinbrenner Laborsysteme hand-operated 96-channel pipette
EnVision XCite Multilabel Plate Reader PerkinElmer Equipped with stacker automation, temperature control, barcode reader and enhanced luminescence detector
Plasticware + consumables
96-Well Storage Plate ABgene AB-0765 round well, 0.8 ml
Cover films, ratiolab 6018412 self adhesive, DMSO resistent
Pipette tips Steinbrenner Laborsysteme LRF-200L for liquidator 96, 200 μl, low retention
TopSeal-A PerkinElmer 6005185
OptiPlate-96 PerkinElmer 6005299 white opaque 96-well microplate
Barcode Labels PerkinElmer 1608182
filtered polypropylene IsoTip pipette tips Corning S058.4809
GRE:Luc fish N/A ZDB-TGCONSTRCT-120920-1 available at the European Zebrafish Resource Centre EZRC, Karlsruhe



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Bir Zebra balığı Larva Lusıferaz Muhabir Sistemi ile glukokortikoid Signaling'den için bir Kimyasal Tarama Prosedürü
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Weger, B. D., Weger, M., Jung, N.,More

Weger, B. D., Weger, M., Jung, N., Lederer, C., Bräse, S., Dickmeis, T. A Chemical Screening Procedure for Glucocorticoid Signaling with a Zebrafish Larva Luciferase Reporter System. J. Vis. Exp. (79), e50439, doi:10.3791/50439 (2013).

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