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Herstellung und Betrieb eines Nano-Optical Fließband

doi: 10.3791/52842 Published: August 26, 2015


Name Company Catalog Number Comments
HSQ e-beam resist Dow Corning XR-1541-006
PMMA MicroChem 950A2 M230002
Fast curing optical adhesive Norland Optical Adhesive NOA 81
Fluorescent carboxyl microspheres Bangs Laboratories FC02F, FC03F
Fluorescent carboxylate-modified microspheres Molecular Probes F-8888
Quartz slide SPI Supplies 1020-AB
Inverted fluorescent microscope Nikon ECLIPSE TE2000-U
Nd:YAG laser Lightwave Electronics 221-HD-V04
sCMOS camera PCO EDGE55
CCD camera Watec WAT-120N
Zero-order half-wave plate Thorlabs WPH05M-1064
Triton X-100 Sigma-Aldrich T8787
Distilled water Invitrogen 10977-023
Si Wafer Silicon Quest International 708069
Optical lenses Thorlabs



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Herstellung und Betrieb eines Nano-Optical Fließband
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Ryan, J., Zheng, Y., Hansen, P., Hesselink, L. Fabrication and Operation of a Nano-Optical Conveyor Belt. J. Vis. Exp. (102), e52842, doi:10.3791/52842 (2015).More

Ryan, J., Zheng, Y., Hansen, P., Hesselink, L. Fabrication and Operation of a Nano-Optical Conveyor Belt. J. Vis. Exp. (102), e52842, doi:10.3791/52842 (2015).

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