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Gamete Collection and In Vitro Fertilization of Astyanax mexicanus

Gamete Collection and In Vitro Fertilization of Astyanax mexicanus

Article DOI: 10.3791/59334-v 10:52 min May 25th, 2019
May 25th, 2019



In vitro fertilization is a commonly used technique with a variety of model organisms to maintain lab populations and produce synchronized embryos for downstream applications. Here, we present a protocol that implements this technique for different populations of the Mexican tetra fish, Astyanax mexicanus.



Gamete Collection In Vitro Fertilization Astyanax Mexicanus Blind Mexican Cave Fish Model Organism Biological Science Research Adaptive Genetic Traits Surface Morph Cave Morph Population Divergence Time-matched Embryos Hybrid Outcrosses Breeding Cycles Altered Light Cycles Temperature Changes Parent Fish Identification Gamete Collection Anesthetized Males And Females Viable Offspring Production In Vitro Fertilization Signs Of Successful Fertilization Genetic Constructs Injection Developmental Analysis Normal Working Hours Hybrid Outcross Creation
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