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Twin-Screw Extrusion Process to Produce Renewable Fiberboards

Twin-Screw Extrusion Process to Produce Renewable Fiberboards

Article DOI: 10.3791/62072-v 07:21 min January 27th, 2021
January 27th, 2021



A versatile twin-screw extrusion process to provide an efficient thermo-mechano-chemical pretreatment on lignocellulosic biomass was developed, which leads to an increased average fiber aspect ratio. A natural binder can also be added continuously after fiber refining, leading to bio-based fiberboards with improved mechanical properties after hot pressing of the obtained extruded material.



Twin-screw Extrusion Renewable Fiberboards Lignocellulosic Biomasses Thermo-mechanical Pulps Natural Binder Combined Temperature Moisture Content Excess Water Desired Texture Senses Video Demonstration Engineer PhD Student Twin-screw Extruder Modules Fiber Defibration Water Inlet Pipe Piston Pump Screw Element Type Length Pitch Staggering Angle Screw Profile Assembly
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